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Biodegradable Resins & Green Chemicals
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Business Overview

■ Biodegradable plastic can be used in the same way as ordinary plastic,

It is an environmentally friendly product that is eventually decomposed into "water & carbon dioxide"

by the movement of microorganisms.

It is considered as one of the solutions to the plastic waste problem.


■ In our department, biodegradable plastics such as PBAT, PBS, PLA(polylactic acid), and

also, We propose compound of these base materials and composite materials to supply a variety of compound resins.

The compound can improve price competitiveness and resin moldability.



CHORI is appointed distributor of biodegradable plastics manufactured by

Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Chemical Co.,Ltd. in China.

Although this product is derived from petroleum, it is finally decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the action of microorganisms.

■ Products Line-up

We handle two types of biodegradable resins by Tunhe

Polybutylene adipate terephthalate | PBAT

Polybutylene Succinate | PBS

■ Features

Abundant oil / natural gas from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region as a raw material.

The company has one of the largest production capacities in Asia

70,000 tons / year.


Chori is certified with GreenPla ® as a full member of the Japan Bio-plastics Association.

This association has an identification system for biodegradable plastics.

Our raw materials are also registered in the positive list as follows.


Classification: A (biodegradable polymer)

Registration number: A54501 PL name: Polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT)

Registration number: A54502 PL name: Polybutylene succinate (PBS)


Also in the US and Europe, such as OK COMPOST and COMPOSTABLE.

We have also obtained overseas certification.

2018年よりAustria Tuv認証取得
生分解性プラ .PNG

Main Usage

Agricultural mulch film, nursery pot, garbage bag, shopping bag, cutlery etc.

Enviplast ® │ Tapioca Biodegradable Resin

Enviplast® is Tapioca Biodegradable Resin from INDONESIA.

Manufactured by PT Intera Lestari Polimer

CHORI is the appointed distributor for ASIA market.

■ Features

-It is composed of plant-derived materials, so there is no problem even if it is ingested by living organisms.

-Slowly decomposes with hot water.

-Has chargeability and oxygen barrier properties.

-It is possible to mold a unique film that has a moist feel.


■ Main applications

Shopping bags, laundry bags, packaging films, etc.

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