Business Overview

Utilizing our network with each country, our department visits a wide variety of cosmetic ingredients locally to conduct surveys, secure a stable supply, and deliver them to each company.

Candelilla wax


A farmer is collecting candelilla grass

Candelilla wax is used in various cosmetics,

Most of them can only be collected from Mexico.

However, in Mexico, raw materials are often bought from farmers whose operations are unstable.

Sustainability and stable supply have long been a challenge.

Therefore, by actually going to Mexico and engaging in the collection of candelilla grass,

We enable a stable supply of raw materials with sustainability.


Strong Partnership with Cosmetic formulator

We sell cosmetic ingredients to various countries, mainly in China and Southeast Asia.

We collaborate with formulators who can formulate prescriptions and make comprehensive proposals for raw materials, including prescription design. ..


CHEMICO GROUP (Southeast Asia)


There is a seminar room in our building, which can hold seminars for 80 people. Similar facilities are located in various parts of Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Myanmar), and we are proposing raw materials as a group.

Cosmetic Recipe Total Support

Emulsifying machine for skin care

Our cosmetics team has more than 2000 prescriptions (including partner development) per year.

We are developing, actually making samples (prototypes) of prescriptions and final products,

We offer free proposals to local consumers in each country.


For cosmetics, differences in color and skin feel are important factors, so prescriptions and final products You can actually create a sample (prototype) and try it out.


Our cosmetics team has more than 2000 prescriptions (including partner development) per year.

We are developing and responding to various needs according to the formulation of prescriptions and the country of origin.