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Solution for All Coating Ingredients
Business Overview

■ In our department, we are a joint venture partner and a barium salt manufacturer that boasts the world's largest production capacity.

Focusing on sedimentary barium sulfate produced by the Qingdao Red Star Chemical Group (hereinafter referred to as the Red Star Group) in China

We handle a wide range of paint raw materials.

(■ Beniboshi is a population and our joint venture company Qingdao Benicho new material Co., Ltd. Http : //Www.Qingdaohongdie.Com / in),

Based on the sedimentary barium sulfate, which is the main product of the Red Star Group, high value-added products such as surface treatment and micronization

We are also working on development.

■ Not only paint raw materials (resins, pigments, solvents), but also various acrylic resin raw materials (monomers, polymerization initiators, cross-linking agents, additives, etc.)

Also handle a wide range.

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Qingdao Redstar Chemical Group (China)

We, CHORI, have been tied up strongly with Red Star Group with our 160 years history.


CHORI, have established two JV(Joint-Venture) factories in China with Redstar Group in China.

By this advantage, CHORI, developed original barium sulfate line-up

in accordance with the "Open Innovation" with Redstar Group, Our valuable clients, and CHORI.


We alway keep the stock of Barium Sulphate for powder paints and solvent / water paints (buildings / automobiles).


We are always here to support the prosperity of our partners 



** CHORI - Inorganic fine department also handles other barium salts and strontium salts.

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Solutions for All Coating Ingredients

For many years, we have been selling hardeners for powder paints from European and American manufacturers in stock.


Taking advantage of our experience, we handle polyester resin and epoxy resin, and add additives such as matte hardener and anti-yellowing agent.

Block isocyanate hardener (USA)

We can carry blocked isocyanate curing agents made in the United States in stock.

In addition to general grade, low temperature curing, hard yellowing, etc.

We handle grades that meet the needs of our customers.

β-Hydroxyalkylamide (HAA) hardener (Italy)

This department sells β-hydroxyalkylamide (HAA) curing agents made in Italy in stock.

In addition to general grades, we are also developing special products such as anti-yellowing products.

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