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Trust of 20,000km
Business Overview

(1) Products :

  • Isocyanate (TDI / MDI)  |  Polyol

  • Flame Retardant (Frame Retardant)  |  Blowing Agent (Blowing Agent)

  • Metal Catalyst (Tin Catalyst)   |  Adhesive (Adhesive)

  • Pigment Hardener

  • Foaming Machine

  • Cutting Blade, etc.

  • Cooling Agent, Antimicrobial, etc.

  • We also sell special additives.

(2) Main sales destinations:

Specialized in exporting Products globally in Southeast Asia, China, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, South America, etc.

(3) Our Supply Partners :

Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, etc.

■ Trading (Export / Import / Triangle) Polyurethane raw materials used for bedding, cushioning materials, and heat insulating materials is our core business.

■ About 100 clients from over 10 countries are our treasure. Especially, Southeast Asia, which has transactions with about 100 customers in more than 10 countries, and demand is expanding remarkably, China, which has a long history as our company and has a strong network, Russia, etc., which develops local inventory schemes, etc. Has a certain share in the sales of main raw materials.

■ It is possible to introduce major bedding manufacturers in each country, urethane mask manufacturing proposals, and polyurethane raw materials pursuing "eco", which has become a keyword in recent years.

Solutions from 160 years experience



In addition to handling the antibacterial agent itself, we also develop antibacterial bedding covers handled by our textile unit.

Nowadays, due to the influence of COVID-19 infection, the material itself has an antibacterial function. We are responding to the increasing demand for added mask materials.



Cooling Agent


In addition to handling the cooling sensation agent for polyurethane foam

We can also propose cool contact bedding covers handled by our textile unit.



Filler (Polyester Non-woven Fabric)


Non-woven fabric used as a filler for spring mattresses, etc.

We can propose polyester threads, etc.


If you find the item you are looking for, take advantage of our global network.

We will propose the material.


■ For a sustainable society

In our medium-term management plan "Chori Innovation Plan 2022"

This is one of our aggressive investment fields as our basic strategy.

Vegetable oil-derived raw materials and as part of strengthening "sustainability"

We are promoting and investing in polyurethane raw materials that have a low environmental impact.


■ Procurement of suitable sites and optimal logistics

As mentioned above, our unit, which mainly exports and mediates, has networks with other countries.

It is possible to propose raw materials that utilize it.

In addition, joint development of next-generation bedding that makes use of connections with major overseas formers,

Please leave it to us for urethane mask manufacturing proposals.



Bio Polyol

Emery Oleochemicals Group


Web site: Https://Www.Emeryoleo.Com /

Location: USA

Usage : For Slab, Rigid, CASE, etc. We can introduce it upon request.

Features : Founded in 1840, utilizing a wide range of knowledge, all PU related

We sell the best biopolyol for your application.

PolyGreen Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Website :

Location : Malaysia

Usage : Mainly for flexible polyurethane foam

Features: There is an advantage in raw material cost by taking advantage of the location of the raw material producing country.

We can propose raw materials.

PolyGreen Chemicals(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Emery Oleochemicals Group
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