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Resins & Polymers
From Commodity to Specialty
Business overveiw

(1) Products : Resin, plasticizer, solvents, etc.


(2) Business model: Export / Imports / Triangle trade.


(3) Major industries: automobiles, home appliances, electronic materials, packaging materials, textiles, etc.


(4) Main raw material sources: China, Taiwan, Europe, USA, India, etc.


Our Fucntion

(1) Partnership with global manufacturers


(2) Logistics Solutions

(3) Survey and analysis of global Needs & Seeds

(1) Partnership with global manufacturers
Adipic acid

We are authorized distributor of Chongqing Huafon Chemical Co., Ltd in China, who has the world's largest production capacity of Adipic Acid.

We support stable supply, small-lot delivery, and quick delivery from inventory bases in Japan.


Company name  :  Chongqing Huafon Chemical Co., Ltd.

Factory location  :  Fuling District, Chongqing, China


Dimethyl terephthalate (DMT)

Chori is the sole agent in Japan for Oxxynova, Germany, one of the world's largest DMT manufacturers.

We support stable supply, small-lot & quick delivery from inventory bases in Japan.


Company name  :   Oxxynova GmbH

Factory location  :  Germany Steierberg

(2) Logistic Solutions

Various problems occur when procuring raw materials.

We will meet the various needs of our customers based on our abundant experience.

For example, do you have any of the following problems?


■ I can't buy raw materials on a container basis ...

→ We have inventory bases in Japan and overseas, and small-lot shipments are also possible.


■ I'm having trouble with powder products ...

→ The Group unravels & loosen the lumped chemicals before delivery at our stock house.

We can also introduce crushers and automatic loosening machines if needed at your factory.

 So please feel free to contact us.

■ I want to buy liquid products in an ISO container, but I can't buy 20 tons at a time ...

→ By using a special tank, it is possible to transport with a filling rate of 80% or less.

Please feel free to contact us.

(3) Survey and analysis of global Needs & Seeds

Utilizing our global network, we can investigate and analyze the balance between supply and demand and raw material prices. Such information can be used for deciding procurement policies for consumers.

If you are looking for raw materials, please see the product list.

We will also globally investigate products that are not on the list.

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